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Fear of using Iron-on patches on clothing?

When utilized correctly, custom embroidered patches can be a very powerful branding tool for a company. This sort of branding is quite adaptable and may help a school or company stand out and look more established and sophisticated. These personalized embroidered patches are transferred onto garments with Heat and the correct pressure.

One of the more contemporary techniques of attachment is iron-on backing. Custom embroidered patches are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and typefaces. These below images, show the type of adhesive backing found on our patches.

We develop our own patches using SUPERIOR HEATSEAL Backing to ensure that the patch, once applied properly CANNOT be removed. While an embroidery design can be removed, our patches are permanent.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of employing custom embroidered patches:

The nice thing about these patches is that they come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. They are simple to apply on shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and other types of apparel. You may also take them off at any moment without destroying the clothing and allowing it to be reused.

They can be cleaned and dried several times without losing their beauty or becoming dull. They can also be utilized in high-activity sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, education and healthcare for an extended period.


Check and make sure your patch is an iron on patch.

This might seem like an obvious step, however, there are quite a few different types of custom patches and backings. You can try to iron on a Velcro patch, but you probably won’t have much luck.

Our Iron on patches have a shiny backing that is NOT adhesive until heat is applied, so it won’t feel sticky to the touch.

Others produce cheaper patches that have tape backing which is an adhesive, but this type of backing isn’t permanent is and only recommended for situations where you’d like to remove the patches after use.


There are also patches with standard plastic backing, but one easy way to tell if it’s iron-on or plastic is by looking at the border on the back. SchoolDuds Iron on patches will have the adhesive all the way to the edges, while plastic-backed patches will usually NOT have plastic on the border, as you can see in the two images above.



What types of Patches so we produce?